Academic Programs

Academic Programmes

The Institute offers the following Degree Programs at its centres.

Undergraduate Program

Program Name Location
Bachelor of Statistics (Honours) [B Stat (Hons)] Kolkata (3 years)
Bachelor of Mathematics (Honours) [B Math (Hons)] Bengaluru (3 years)

Postgraduate Program

Program Name Location
Master of Statistics [M Stat] Delhi-Kolkata (2 years)
Master of Mathematics [M Math] Kolkata, Bengaluru
(1 year alternating) (2 years)
Master of Science in Quantitative Economics [MS (QE)] Kolkata, Delhi (2 years)
Master of Science in Library and Information Science [MS (LIS)] Bengaluru (2 years)
Master of Science in Quality Management Science [MS (QMS)] Bengaluru-Hyderabad (2 years)
Master of Technology in Computer Science [M Tech (CS)] Kolkata (2 years)
Master of Technology in Cryptology and Security [M Tech (CrS)] Kolkata (2 years)
Master of Technology in Quality, Reliability & Operations Research [M Tech (QROR)] Kolkata (2 years)

Research Programs I

The Institute awards Ph D degrees for research in the following fields.

Program Name Location
Statistics Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Tezpur
Mathematics Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai
Quantitative Economics Kolkata, Delhi
Computer Science Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai
Quality, Reliability & Operations Research (QROR) Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai

Research Programs II

The Institute also offers Junior Research Fellowships in several areas of the Natural Sciences and the Social Sciences. However, candidates working for Ph D in any area other than the five mentioned above, need to register with other Universities/Institutes for their Ph D degree.

Program Name Location
Physics Kolkata
Geology Kolkata
Biological Sciences Kolkata
Library & Infomation Science Bengaluru

Diploma Programs

Program Name Location
Postgraduate Diploma in Statistical Methods & Analytics [PGDSMA] Tezpur, Chennai (1 year)
Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural and Rural Management with Statistical methods and Analytics [PGDARSMA] Giridih (1 year)
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics [PGDBA] Kolkata (2 years, offered jointly with IIT Kharagpur & IIM Calcutta)
PG Diploma in Applied Statistics [PGDAS] Online (1 year)

Certificate Program

Program Name Location
Part-time Course in SQC and OR Bengaluru, Hyderabad (9 months)