Master Black Belt Program


Why the Program expectation from Six Sigma initiative?

Six Sigma is like that old Wella Balsam shampoo commercial: 'She told two friends, and they told two friends,' and so on'.As Black Belt project leaders multiply and train more people, and those people get involved in projects, the financial impact is exponential, in our view.' Writes Jennifer Pokrzywinski, an analyst with Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter, Discover & Co. (Report on Business Magazine, October 1997)

  • Six Sigma initiative has become a rage.
  • Every organization wants to implement Six Sigma approach in anticipation of improving market penetration and organizational speed at the same time reducing cost of doing business.
  • Six Sigma is being perceived to take people to higher level of performance with fewer mistakes while making it a strategic option for transforming an organization. Six Sigma is a Program to be owned and led by leadership orienting strategically towards market place and customer satisfaction.
  • Six Sigma is described as a methodology to improve business processes and is supposed to provide metrics that strives for near perfection.
  • Six Sigma embodies a disciplined, data-driven analytical approach for reducing variation in any process and thereby eliminating defects.

Duration: 10 days

But what is happenning

  • Projects remain open much longer than the anticipated 3-6 months, some stuck in an early phase of Six Sigma Life.
  • Black Belts are unable to get cooperation (from functions and departments) in collecting data, identifying root causes, etc.
  • Teams lose focus part of the way through their Projects.
  • Successes with Projects in one department or function are not reapplied in others.
  • Managers resist assigning high performers to Black Belt jobs, keeping these performers for "real work" instead.
  • Managers see 6 Sigma as competing with other improvement initiatives, and are reluctant to participate.
  • MBBs do not have adequate knowledge on right applicable methodology.

Who can attend?

Degree holder in any discipline with at least 6 months of specialized training in quality management sciences from a recognized institutions like ISI etc. and/or Certified black belts from recognized certification bodies like ASQ, ISI, Motorola university, Rath & Strong etc.

Each candidate should have at least 5 years of experience in conducting/guiding improvement projects.

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