Black Belt Training Program on Six Sigma Methodology


Why this program?

Globalization has intensified competition, worldwide. Competitive pressure is forcing the Organizations to look for the ways and means for improving their processes so that Quality of the products and services improve, wastes reduce and customer satisfaction increases.

Improved Customer Satisfaction is the goal of today. It cannot just happen. The methodology of modern initiatives is at integrating all operations throughout the corporation to make them produce their outputs right first time. Everything from the receipt of enquiry, internal and external communication, information systems, and customer support and down to the level of logistics services must be done correctly to achieve operational excellence and thereby enhancing satisfaction of the customers.

Implementation Program covers variety of processes related to manufacturing and services including but not limited to distribution operations, warehousing and inventory management, hospitality, health care, electronics equipment manufacturing, electronics component manufacturing, boiler industry to printed circuit board industry, banking to insurance business and what not.

Your Organization shall benefit from this program regardless of products you make or services you offer. This initiative involves everyone in the organization from the CEO to the shop floor personnel.

The Indian Statistical Institute with its vast hands-on experience in these methodologies assists organizations in integrating piece meal Quality efforts into an overall effective organization-wide initiative that becomes a powerful leverage to take competition by horn.

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