Corporate Training


Corporate training offered at organisation premises

These training modules are developed based on the requirements of organizations to train their employees. Institute offers these training modules at the organization's premises and helps implement them. The subjects within a module are customized to cater to the organization's specific needs.

# Training Modules Coverage (Tentative) Duration
1 Statistical Process Control Concept of Variation, Process definition, measure and Mapping, Process stability & capability analysis, Basic 7 Tools and Control Chart, Problem-solving Methodology / Case Studies 4 Days
2 Inferential statistics Basic Descriptive Statistics, Test of Hypothesis including t-test, F-test, x2 test, ANOVA, Regression Analysis 4 Days
3 Industrial Experimentation (Design of Experiments) Basic Probability theory, Test of Hypothesis and ANOVA, Basic and Screening Design, Factorial (Full and Fractional) experiments and Response Surface Methodology 6 Days
4 FMEA workshop Problem-solving vs Problem prevention, Process – Definition and Mapping, FMEA: System, design, process, service with examples 3 Days
5 Measurement Systems Analysis Issues and concepts, Basic Statistical Methods, Gage R & R Studies, Uncertainty Measurement and Exercises 2 Days
6 Application of Statistical Techniques for Marketing Issues in Marketing, Marketing process and FMEA. Process stability and capability, Time series analysis and Conjoint Analysis 3 Days
7 Management Seven Tools New seven tools, e.g., Arrow Diagram, Relations Diagram, Tree Diagram, Affinity Diagram, Matrix Diagram, Matrix Data Analysis Diagram, PDPC, Use of New Seven tools in policy deployment 2 Days
8 Quality Function Deployment Voice of the customer, QFD, Examples & Exercises 2 Days
9 Executive brief on Six Sigma Core Six Sigma Concepts, Philosophy, Phases of Six Sigma- Measurement, Analysis, Improvement, Control, Project Selection Methodology and Implementation process 2 Days
10 Statistical Methods for Reliability Engineering Reliability models, Use for field data and maintenance data in Reliability estimation, Experiments for Reliability Improvement 3 days
11 Robust Engineering Robust Design Strategies, Parameter Design using Orthogonal Array, Tolerance Design and Parameter Design with dynamic characteristics 3 Days

General training offered at institute premises or online

These training modules are developed based on the individual requirements for skill development. Institute offers these training programs at the institute's premises at regular intervals. Participants interested in this program requested to contact the office through email, WhatsApp or call.

# Training Program Duration
1 Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB) Training Program 12 days
2 Six Sigma Black Belt (BB) Training Program 16 days
3 Six Sigma Green Belt (GB) Training Program 6 days
4 Design of Experiment with R 4 days
5 Business Forecasting using R 3 days
6 Certification Program on Business Analytics and Data Mining 12 days
7 Workshop on Statistical Techniques for Research Methodology 5 days
8 Predictive Modelling using R 6 days